Cork For Crutches: Inventor Saves The Life Of His Goldfish with Cork and Tape

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When most goldfish begin to suffer ill health there's usually one likely outcome and a flush down the toilet to a watery grave.

When Einstein began bobbing up and down in his tank, this creative owner figured out a way to save him with this 'goldfish wheelchair', as some have called it.  

Using a cork and a piece of tape, the owner created the buoyancy needed to keep the fish upright.

At first Einstein wasn’t too impressed. “He wriggled a bit a first and he wasn’t too keen on the idea. He kept catching on to plants and getting stuck but since I’ve rearranged the tank to make it disability friendly he’s been absolutely fine.”Since the float prevents Einstein from reaching the top of the water his owner uses special measures to feed him now, and Einstein seems plenty happy about it.Einstein lives with his fellow goldfish friends Frank, Pat and Blondie. “They’re one big happy family now, but he’ll have to wear it for the rest of his life.

‘Fish wheelchairs’ (or slings or buoys – call them what you will) like these are used to help fish swim upright while they recover from swim bladder infections that make it difficult for them to do so on their own. Green peas can help solve buoyancy issues related to constipation, but infected swim bladders or other issues may require specialized medication. 

Apparently this is not an original invention, as Vets have been creating "fish wheelchairs" for years. There version's are just a little more professional.

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