Hidden in forests and fields around the world, the mysterious car graveyards home to rusting old vehicles worth thousands of dollars if they were restored

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Three cars that won't be going anywhere soon resting in a field in Oklahoma while a working vehicle cruises by in the background

This old car is barely discernible amidst at the bottom of a heap of rusty, overgrown junk in France, pictured by Dieter in 2013

A battered 'Stop' sign stands ironically in front of a rusting vehicle that clearly hasn't been driven for years in a yard in France

Dieter said: 'In Belgium I came across a place with about 250 cars, untouched in a little wood. The cars have rusted over time and the paintwork has dulled

'The place was founded by the Allies after WW2. They left these cars in a little wood, but they did not take them when they went back home.'

'Other graveyards are not as rich in history but make for eerie and stunning places to explore.

'While in many cases I cannot retrace the history of the vessels, some sites are more discernible and conspicuous than others.

'In Sweden, for instance, I visited a car yard where vehicles had been disassembled during the 1950s.  


'Because the site stood a mere two miles from Norwegian border, the car parts were then taken piece-by-piece over into the neighbouring country, where the importation of whole cars was forbidden.

'The automobiles were reassembled - this was not prohibited. Only 30 miles from my hometown, Cologne, I discovered a special collection.  

'A car dealer had a funny idea. When he turned 50 in 2000 he arranged 50 cars from 1950 as a sculpture park in his garden and made a big party.  

'Some friends got really angry when they saw, for instance, an extraordinary Jaguar XK120 left alone on purpose. 

'In restored condition this car could fetch $120,000 (£82,000).'

Dozens of cars lining forest a pathway in France appear to be sinking into the mud. Dieter is interested in how foliage can grown in and around man-made machines

These American cars have seen better days as they lie abandoned in the baking sun out in the Arizona desert, pictured in 2014 

A yellow and black race car has clearly been battered by the elements before this picture was taken on February 27 last year in Germany

OId fashioned American cars and big yellow school buses site in quiet rows at a site in Texas. America is a favourite subject for Dieter 

A few blotches of paint cling on to the rusty shell of this old banger in Colorado. It's hard to imagine it ever having been fit to drive

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