In the Heat of the Oklahoma Jungle

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 One of the guys came out with his LED headlamp.  They had discovered an amazing thing!  When you look into the forest with one on, you could see millions of little glaring dots.  Those were the eyes of all the spiders staring back at you!  Suddenly, they were going looking through the grass, and one by one, big wolf spiders and tarantulas were caught for the children to see.  A new "Catch" was excuse enough for entertainment.  

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575961 419016678134822 196372126 nEvery time a snake was found, there were giggles and laughter as much as there were "ewws" as each beheld the snake from his or her own viewpoint.  But the exposure to the fact that the snake lived out there, and we had him for a minute, and then he was gone.... we realized that we were in the thick dense woods of Oklahoma.  Here there are scorpions, poisonous snakes, deer, coyotes, bears, raccoons, possums, skunks, endless bugs, and black panthers.   What's that you say?  Yes, we even spotted a big black panther crossing the road right by camp.  It's a wonder the little dogs all made it through the ordeal.  But one thing's for sure.  It's not what you think in Oklahoma.  

This is - The Oklahoma Jungle!  Welcome to Depew.

And This Is Where We Got Our Beginnings for an Off grid quest.   

depew clan

About 4 months later, we left Depew.   Some stayed in Oklahoma, others moved to Colorado, some back home to Kansas or Texas or to the Northeast.  We had some battles that weren't fun as money to survive was spent and gone.  But we all came out on the other side.

I'm here now running the web site with a lifetime of experiences behind me and adventure before me.  I'm in the roofing business helping people to keep covered up in spite of big hail and tornadoes here in Oklahoma while spending much of my time writing and sharing great ideas to help our futures.  Every time I see a roof, and think about the wind and sun that runs across it, I think about how every home could be powered directly.  I help promote new technology that could take us all off the gird, and will continue to share and highlight great ideas that are making a difference.   One day, maybe our crazy story will be more movie material than it was a documentary.  It is filled with trials and inspirations.  I'm writing that story even now, but still wondering how it will end.

I hope you find great ideas to utilize within your life from our page. and the Facebook page:  Living Off The Grid.  I will continue to collect the great things people do to survive and get by when they live off grid, what is great about the grid, and what is not.  We all have been through the transition from corded to cordless tools.  I love my cordless tools!  I look forward to a time and a place when a person can set up home wherever he or she likes, pop up a power station, and suck water from the air, and begin to live a sustainable life... a cordless life.  It's the next step for mankind.  Back to nature, and forward in tech.  

The day cars float, or anti-gravity is discovered is the day we no longer need highways covering up our oxygen producing forests.  Every time I look out, I see the beauty in what we have, and the potential to do things better.  Let's use this great internet to share those ideas and build upon each other for a better tomorrow. 

~David Webster

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