Joe Has A Hideout In His Back Yard Where No-one Will Find Him

Categories: Life Stories

Whatever the reason, for some it might be budget restrictions that one builds a shed into living quarters, for others necessity where the structure is all they have to work with, others have a limited amount of space on their land, and an addition to the home would fall outside of city code restrictions.  Joe has a ManCave.  That usually refers to the place where a man goes to have his privacy, his trophies and cool stuff on the walls, the things the Mrs. wouldn't want decorating her pretty home.  It's the place where he keeps a refrigerator with beer, or his big stereo system.  He can run his saw or his drill at night and not be bothered.  He can crank up the volume on the big game, or maybe, considering that Joe writes books in his spare time, I will presume a place to quiet the mind and write.  It seems, as a writer would know, that a book cannot always be judged by it's cover.  


Here on the back side of the shed, this is simply storage.  So let's take a walk around the other side....


Like any other shed, there's a wheelbarrow on one side, and a ladder on the other.  But strangely... there's a nice newer looking door and steps on this back side of the shed.

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