LIVE CHEAP - EAT FREE - A Foraging Adventure (Video)

Categories: Life Stories, Mobility, TinyHouse

Harvesting wild food is the oldest and most basic subsistence activity of humankind, but today we live in a world where these skills are almost lost. Foraging is the missing link in modern civilized cultures--it is this direct physical connection, in the form of sustenance, that brings us to our deepest appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Traveling on a $10 per day budget is tough most of the time, especially in North America. We often like to set ourselves challenges for the day to make our own cheap / free fun, so this challenge was perfect for us. Not only did we get to go out and explore Canada's beautiful nature and get some exercise, but we also learnt something and got a free meal :)

We film everything so that you can share the adventure with us; we hope that you enjoyed hanging out with us. Thank you so much for watching, it means the world to us.

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