No Power Bill, No Interference, and A Lot of Good Memories Made (2 pages)

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We acquired property surrounded by swamp land that we initially used for hunting. It's been a passion of my Father and I to have a place completely self sustaining, so we started with a 1965 Airstream that powered solely on solar.  

~Story and photos by Josh Hagen 

Years later we decide to build a loft cabin that would be completely off the grid.

We have a battery bank with a Magna Sine inverter that powers everything, including a fridge, ac, lighting, and television.

We reclaim water from a gutter system. It hits a first stage that filters directly from the gutter.


From there it collects to a 550 gallon holding tank. We use a pump, solar powered, to draw water to a 50 gallon holding tank.

For filtration we run a 3 stage starting with UV light, then charcoal, then a finer filter.




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