Are You Ready For The Snow?

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When I was young, my dad had a jeep and a snow plow that plowed the snow away for the neighbors and people who called on him.  It took chains on all four wheels, 250 horsepower, and sometimes a good run to get through the snow.  As I see how simple and how effective this method is, and the v shape to take resistance off the plow, make it easy to pull, and cut a simple pathway, I am amazed.  

horse drawn snow plow 2.png

Watch this creative snow-plowing solution:

What one horse power can do!  And a great way to get the horse out for exercise in the winter!

horse drawn snow plow.png

horse plow.png

winter horse plow.png

I especially love the part at the end where he goes in circles to clear a spot.  It shows how good the communication is between horse and driver.

winter plow.png 

Now watch this creative horse rescue:

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