Off The Grid In The Middle Of The City, The Haydon Family In Sydney Shows Us How

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from growing up in the country and apply it in suburban Sydney.’’

Mike Haydon in the battery room that is the power epicentre of the house.

He said the installation process cost $20,000, but estimated he would save money for seven years. 

Previously paying about $700 a quarter on water and power expenses, the Haydons now only pay a service fee to keep the grid services active in case of emergency.

“Not only was the idea of taking our house off the grid a big enough challenge, Sarah and I used different techniques and technologies to what is traditionally used,” Mr Haydon said.

“Our home can be completely sufficient for as much as nine months at a time. We also grow around 1000 different fruit and vegetable varieties in our backyard.’’

On January 26, their house will be open to the public so people can learn about sustainable living.

“While not everyone in Sydney could go off the grid, people can make a number of small changes to save money and help the environment,” he said.

“Just changing your appliances and bulbs to energy-efficient ones can more than halve your bill.”

Above is a view of the back yard, and the beauty of home gardening.  Below is a view of work traffic out front of the house.  This is truly an example for all of us to follow!

To find out more about the Haydon’s sustainable journey visit

Story source and by permission of Mike Haydon: DailyTelegraph, additional images provided by Mike Haydon.

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