Traversing The Matterhorn

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My Grandfather was a mountain climber, as a kid I remember him being part of a club named "Coyotes". In his younger years he climbed all the peaks in Mexico and went on to try and climb some of the ones in South America.

I'm talking about the late 30's and early 40's when he did these things. The gear that was used back then was not as sophisticated as the one used today. Things were more dangerous, more raw.

He saw friends plummet to the bottom of a cliff and die and a friend lose all his toes due to frost bite. Even though he never attempted the big Mountains he loved the sport, the camaraderie and the friendships he built.

The peak he would have loved to climb was The Matterhorn, but as a young man helping his single mom and 4 siblings, he couldn't even afford to dream of it. When he was older and before I was born he went to Europe with my grandma. He fulfilled his dream and although he didn't climb it, he took a picture of himself siting at the bottom of the mountain. That picture sits above the mantle of the fireplace 'til this day.

Found this video that shows the climb and descent from the mountain. Hope you like it!

The Caption Says "A very detailed film of the Matterhorn set in 3 parts. Part 1 starts at 4:31 features the climb from the Hornli Hut to the Solvay Hut. Part 2 starts at 13:01 follows the climb from the Solvay Hut to the Summit. Part 3 begins at 31:32 and follows the descent from the Summit to the Hornli Hut. The actual climb was an 8 hour round trip (4 hours from Hornli Hut to Summit and 4 hours descent) crammed into just under 50 minutes. This video while it seems rather long in duration, its main purpose is to inform clients who wish to climb one of the most iconic peaks on the planet safely.

I would like to thank Icicle Mountaineering for their impeccable logistical support and for putting together an incredible course which has enabled me to fulfill a dream. Their website is here :
and the course that I booked on is here:

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