When Coffee Fails, or Maybe I Shouldn't Blame The Coffee

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I think I've got enough coffee in me now to begin the day. The moment I was trying to roll out of bed this morning, my wife Amy says, are you getting the coffee today? Trying to be nice, and while I was coming to post half asleep and probably full of typos, instead I headed over to the dreaded coffee maker. I usually don't take the time to drink it unless it's handed to me. We just got done moving recently and so it happens that this is not the coffee maker I'm used to.

It has a start button, but I don't think the light is working, so when it's on, you can't tell. But I left my brain in bed, so when I started it the first time, I turned around to chat with my 9 year old Angelina who was up and at em playing a game on the ipad.  I said good morning and gave her a hug, then behind me heard the sounds of spattering steam coming from the coffee maker, and I gasped.... someone had removed the pitcher!  No wait... noone else is up.  I must have forgotten to put it in it's place.  Half the coffee was already made, and lay useless spread across the counter.  

Now mind you, I've been hosting this page for several years now, and in spite of what I share on the page, life has it's twists and turns, and it's funny where those turns take us.  The reality is that the idea of prepping is usually something you do in case of future events.  But most people go along with their technology and gadgets in hand, trying to be ready for what may come.  

Meanwhile, Facebook has single handedly managed to spread fear to the world to make sure everyone becomes a prepper.  How you ask?  Well, they gave us this great tool to communicate, and set up pages that people liked.  Then they let us communicate with our audiences we had created, only to change this thing they call the "algorithm."  What is this algorithm we hear about?  Well it manages to digitally decipher what it is the audience wants to read.  It used to be that I could post from my phone that my dog just died, and 700,000 people would have it in their feed.  But now it has to say "Dog Gets Struck By Lightning, and Is Still Walking" if you want to reach your audience.  Otherwise, the post goes nowhere.  As you can imagine, page writers around the world began jumping through hoops to see that the audiences they had spent years growing were able to still read their posts. 

In my opinion, Facebook should have stayed out of the advertising game, and left that to Google.  They should have let Google monetize their page, and focused on maintaining a great service.  Now they have a system that tugs and pulls against itself, and noone will be happy until some other great app takes it's place.  All the wild, stories fly around with exaggerated Clickbait headlines like "In Florida it's Illegal to be Off Grid" when in reality the title should read:  "In Cape Coral, You must Hook up to Sewer."  But who would read that???  Well the way it used to be, everyone in the audience would receive it.  Okay, so somehow this mornings chat has turned into a Facebook rant... back to the coffffeee.  

So anyhow, I cleaned up the coffee that spilled all over the place, dug a little hole in the grounds, ground up some more beans, put some more water in the maker.  I hit start.  Something didn't look right, I noticed right off.  I'm used to water dripping down the middle of the maker.  It was running around the sides of the glass.  Oh well, didn't look like too big a problem.  There was still coffee ending up on the counter, I assumed from my previous attempt, still dripping around or something.  I managed to walk away on it again to wait for it to finish.  

Now there's something important that I want to discuss with you.  We have made a decision in life after much contemplation.  You see, we lived in Oklahoma for a long time.  I've been there since 1993... before getting married, and before having kids.  I went there in transition, and never expected to settle there.  Maybe it's a mind set or a bit of adhd that would keep me from settling anywhere, but college was just a transition time.  When I met Amy from Florida, when my family was from Washington, we just got stuck in the middle, and couldn't pick a direction, so we stayed put.  

Ever since Depew Oklahoma in 2012, we've been in transition.  We moved to be close to my sister.  We loved the town of Owasso very much, and had friends in Tulsa, but a severed tie in the roofing business meant this was the first time in a long time when we didn't own a house, and work didn't depend on being in town.  That meant we were free to leave and persue elsewhere.  We were like a balloon with the string cut.  Where did we want to be?  

The ocean has been calling us for a long time.  But it was more than that.  Amy's best friend from childhood and her family came to live near us for three years.  Being close to them, we had an amazing couples friendship.  Here we are some 14 years later, and always trying to coax them to move back to Oklahoma.  This time we made the jump to move close to them.  We up and moved to Florida all of a sudden.  

I know so often I talk about seeking out land and getting off the grid.  But something very important to consider.  When you move somewhere, you are under their laws and regulations, their building codes, etc.  But I would say that for most people, it's not the town, nor the schools, nor the laws or regulations that draw someone to live in a place.  It's the people.  You're going to live near someone in particular, whether it be family, friends, or other.  Many people also move for a job.  But when moving for a situation, most people get moved before they ever discover or think about what the circumstances are in the town they end up.  

We ended up in Cape Coral Florida.  It's that place we've been hearing about where it's "Illegal" to live off the grid.  I understand much better now why they are the way they are.  About every 3rd street in cape coral is a waterway with boats and docks that lead through the town and out to sea.  There are over 500 miles of canal ways in this town.  I can't imagine what would a mess it could be if someone tried to install a septic tank between waterways.  It is a truly master-planned community.  We're here in town in a furnished place while we look for land.  I wanted to put a little doggie fence in.  Just for kicks, I called code enforcement.  They said, any kind of fence, even if it's for decoration, requires a permit.  Their justification is... there are thunderstorms almost every day in the afternoon, and hurricane potential, and they don't want everything flying about into neighbors properties, so they want to be sure it's anchored properly.  

Lately I've been putting together meetings that are world changing.  Glass that generates power is already being made, but in low quantities.  We're helping to put together a situation for glass plants around the world to make the glass, and it will change the way we build.  Call this a low key hint.  The big announcement will come soon.  It will begin as a product primarily for skyscrapers and their glass, but will soon penetrate to every level of glass production.  Investment opportunities are in the works for accredited investors.  

Anyhow, the second go-round, I forgot to put the little cup in before I put the filter in, and once again, my coffee was all over the counter.  It was a good thing I have those heavy-duty paper towels!  My wife got tired of waiting for coffee and came to help me with my errors.  It's late, I got coffee in my veins, and I'm awake now.  Amy says "Never ask the CEO to make coffee" to make me feel better about my morning.  

Amy has begun to grow all sorts of great things, and asking me for an above ground "gardening trough" for this rental home.  I suppose I've posted enough of them on here, I just need to pick one and run with it.  She's brewing Combucha, and taking pictures and videos to spread her healthy delights.  

Well have a terrific day!  Feel free to post your great stories to our link to Offthegridstories.com.  Also, I'm pretty much always reachable.  You can message me on the facebook page, and that's the best way to reach me.    Most sincerely,  David Webster


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