Lessons when hurricanes strike

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It takes two days to get used to sleeping in other surfaces. Even in hot weather you can manage to sleep comfortably, you just need to make some adjustments.



The key is to keep anything that produces heat and moisture out of the house as much as possible. Try to have an outdoor shower, your local hardware store might have the parts to build one diy.


You need to realize something, after a devastating natural phenomena like a hurricane, there will be a lot of cleaning work to get done. For that you need to make sure you have the proper attire. This will prevent injuries, so take that on account.

Leather gloves are an absolute necessity.

Plain cotton gloves are cooler, and can be used for some things, but leather is the best way to go most of the time.

A sweat band will make it a lot less miserable working outside.

Sunglasses are a must,  especially when working around brush where the possibility of getting poked in the eye is pretty high.

A sun hat to protect you while you are working outside.

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