Afraid Of Heights? Visit These 17 Roads Online! Or Who's Game For Real Adventure?

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I suffer from Vertigo, needless to say this article was a bit nerve racking to write. The roads pictured below are some of the most dangerous to drive through. Since ages, roads have been the cheapest and oldest means of transportation though it takes more time to reach the place. Not only this, some people just prefer traveling by road because they are quite adventurous and love to explore. But, will this be same for the roads which just look like the way to hell. Here are some of the most dangerous roads in India which will surely send chill down your spine only looking at them. You would rather feel you would walk on these instead of driving.

1. A bus takes a cliff-hanging drive under the huge rock mountain in Kinnaur road in Himachal.

Image: GettingNowhere 

2. Everyday, thousands of people take this route for daily transportation.

3. A mishap or steering failure here will definitely take your life. Better walk huh?


4. Imagine, how hard  the everyday routine of these bus drivers would be.


5. Living life on the edge…


6. Trucks pass through one of the most dangerous mountain passes in India. At an elevation of 11,575-feet, Zo Ji La Pass is the only highway connecting Srinagar to Ladakh.

Image Credit: AngadBSodhi 

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