Afraid Of Heights? Visit These 17 Roads Online! Or Who's Game For Real Adventure?

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13. Aren’t you already scared enough to pee in your pants? Wait until you see the last one.

Image: The Wanders via Team BHP 

14. You need a lot of courage to take this road trip up in the rocky Himalayas. Never attempt it.

Image Credit: PuneitSinghThukral 

15. No way, I will just sit at home. OMG!

Image: Indiamike 

16. And no one messes with this Taranda Cliff in Himachal Pradesh. It has taken the lives of hundreds of people who crossed it.

Image Credit: TripThirsty 

17. Now, SALUTE to the drivers who take this daring job everyday to get you home safely.

via DailyMoss

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