Air Powered Cars Are Here!

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Air Car2So it's hard to imagine that simply air pressure could power a real car and for a reasonable amount of time, but here you have it, the first air powered cars!Air Car3

With a range of over 100 miles, and a cost of about $1.00 per tank of air for the cost of electricity to fill-er-up, the prospects are stellar for this cool car!  If you had a windmill powered air compressor, either mechanical or electric generating, you could fill up basically for free.  

Air Pod is doing this "Because The World Needs A Clean Car."  The big dogs are paying attention as they move into multiple markets including South America.  

Okay, now, just go watch the video:


Air Car5


Air Car

So what do you think?

Now go see what's happening with flying cars:

 sky car


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