And We're Off! But First - Make It Beautiful

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I sit now inside our little wheeled home with a self-contented grin on my sweat-dripping-face, and marvel at what's been accomplished. We've done it! We've managed to transform this humdrum white camper embellished in generic decals into a jubilant caravan that feels like us. 

Despite the steaming heat of a ripening Kentucky summer, I have toughed it out and met all of my self-imposed deadlines over the past few weeks.


But I have not done all of this alone. When not busy with work, Alex has helped me with tasks-which-take-two-sets-of-hands.

And my prolific mother has worked on curtains for us when I know she'd much rather be resting after long days at school.

And they hang beautifully in here now, and blow in the wind of a [hopefully] approaching storm.

So now, I'm finally ready to invite you all inside to see what we've made of it! To kindle full appreciation, here is what it looked like when we got it. . .

And here, dear reader, is what it looks like now! Being such a small space, it was important for me to pay attention to small details while also feeling out the overall flow and cozy-factor of the place. I did it--- when we walk in, we feel warm and at home already. . .

In the morning, we will wake early and do all of the final loading and hitching up and then we'll make our wobbly way through town and on out of here. Destination #1: North Carolina, we should be there by dusk, (though we're admittedly a little intimidated by the winding mountain road!). I will try to maintain regular updates here so that all of you may share in this tale with us, it's sure to be a colorful chapter in Our Book . . .

 Source:  Ravenroost Farm

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