Beach Bikes lets you customize your perfect ride

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Born and raised in Naperville, IL, Dustin and Mike always had a dream of living by the beach.  They had been friends since they were children and always shared a love for bikes, fun, and the great outdoors.  They had always loved the Midwest, the different seasons, and the snowy winters, but they had envisioned a different future. 

In 2003, after graduating college, they made the decision to live out their dream.  They packed their things and made their way to California.  It didn’t take them long to find a home in Hermosa Beach.

Initially, their career paths took them in different directions landing Mike in the steel industry and Dustin in the entertainment industry.  It didn’t take long, however, for them to realize that their hearts really belonged to the beach and everything that Beachbikes is about.

Didn’t get the bike you dreamed of for Christmas? Even though some areas of the country are covered in piles of snow, now is the perfect time to start planning your summer adventures. Beach Bikes lets you buy your dream cruiser from the comfort of home and you can customize your new bike to your heart’s content with their easy-to-use website. They’ll even help you assemble it via video chat. We had the opportunity to try out one of their bikes and their great customer service – read on to see what we thought.

The bike itself is impressive. I chose the Firmstrong Chief Man 3-speed in matte grey with red rims. Beach Bikes gives you oodles of options for customizing your bike, and you can opt to remove logos (I did), change colors on everything from the fenders to the grips and add a range of accessories like baskets and lights. All told, the options I went for rang in at just under $350, which is extremely reasonable for a customized ride, but I will still a little wary about the quality of a bike in this price range.

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