The Bush Winch: It Can Always Help Your Car Get Out of Difficult Situations! (Video)

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The Bush Winch is a light weight self-recovery system for 4WDs and 2WDs. When needed the Bush Winch is simply connected to the front or rear wheels of your vehicle as you chose. With the winch rope attached to the Bush Winch at one end and the anchor point at the other the winch rope winds onto the Bush Winch as the wheel spins.  You can chose to go backwards or forwards until you are pulled onto firm ground again. Take the Bush Winch off again when finished and store it and the winch rope in the kit bag. The Bush Winch connects and disconnects simply by hand without any tools and the winch rope is very strong, soft to touch, light weight and easy to handle.

The Bush Winch vehicle self-recovery system is unique and has these key features:

Has unsurpassed power by use of the vehicles engine

Is safe, simple and intuitive to use 

Is versatile and light weight

There are no additional requirement for a bull-bar or any electrical or mechanical parts

The winch rope used is 12 strand 5mm Dynice 75 with a breaking strain of 3200kg (7054 lbs lbs). It is specifically coloured red for better visibility. This rope combines strength, light weight and ease of use. It is relatively inelastic and therefore poses minimal recoil risk in the event of a break. It is easily repaired if broken and long lengths can be carried and spooled to winch over long distances.

Individuals who adore the outside regularly cherish running rough terrain with their vehicles, however this sort of movement can place them in rather tight spots. To receive them in return, this clever device can simply come in handy.The Bush Winch is a shrewd self-recuperation contraption that uses the wheels of a vehicle to haul itself out of circumstances where taking off of it is just impossible.

This Australian-made convenient winch is anything but difficult to connect to a vehicle’s edge with the flip side of the rope fastened to a strong stay. Utilizing the vehicle’s own particular motor, it hauls itself out effectively.You don’t need to stress over experiencing lose or sloppy landscape on your next open air enterprise.


  1. Firstly, replace your vehicles wheel nuts and or bolts, whichever is the case for your vehicle,with those supplied the Bush Winch. These wheel nuts/bolts have a slot cut into the head which the Bush Winch attaches to. Once they are on leave the nuts/bolts on your vehicle so that the Bush Winch can be attached at any later time.
  2. A simple push and twist of the Bush Winch onto the wheel nuts/bolts is all you need to attach.  A reverse twist and pull is all you need to unattach.
  3. Two winch drums and two winch ropes are standard in the Bush Winch kit and you can chose to attach one or both to the front or back axle to winch forward or backwards as you chose.
  4. The winch ropes are taken from the winches to anchor points either in front or behind the vehicle depending on whether you want to winch forwards or backwards
  5. Engage forward or reverse gear and drive and the winch rope will wind onto the winch drum as the wheel spins forcing the vehicle along. For more detailed information, check out our Winch Manual. 

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