Is That A Caravan or A Yacht? Both!

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The Sealander is a caravan and yacht in one. The high quality and aesthetics of boat-building are combined with the flexibility of a mobile home. Its dynamic and modern design expresses lightness and agility. For your perfect day out in every environment.

Campers come in many shapes and forms: from static ones to wheeled campers and now one that is an actual boat! This awesome camper can also be used as a boat, so you can have a weekend of adventures right in the heart of nature.

The camper is called The Sealander and you can use on land and also on water, so actually it’s like owning two separate campers. This tiny home has a small sink, benches, a stereo system and a sunroof that can be opened wide while sunbathing. So as you can see, it wasn’t exactly designed to be used as a living or sleeping space, but more as an entertainment spot.

via Sealander

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