Tunnel Construction in 24 hrs! -Gets Much Easier With The 'Zipper Truck' (Video)

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Talk about getting the job done! What a great technology... it truly expedites tunnel building. It looks so simple, and yet what it is doing is amazing

In the same way you zip up your jacket, the “zipper truck” quickly assembles tunnels and archways by locking together pre-made concrete blocks that fit tightly together. Lock-Block Ltd. has eliminated the need for mortar and slashes construction time by up to 90 percent with its innovative new arch-lock assembly.

Creating tunnels, shelters, archways, overpasses and tons of other structures can now be done in a flash with the innovative arch-lock technology. A quarter mile of tunnel can be constructed in less than 24 hours and can be used immediately, cutting costs and lengthy periods of curing time. The science is in both the bricks and the funky truck that supports them.

The “zipper truck” itself is a structure of rollers held in place by a tapered metal core. The wider front of the truck allows for placement of the tailored lock-blocks, which slide closer to fit together as the truck slowly accelerates and the roller-lined core becomes slimmer. The result is a perfect fit worthy of the historic arch’s Roman roots – a hardy structure that needs no mortar or adhesive to stay together. The arches are even seismic resistant and easily reusable when disassembled. It makes one wonder: what other structures can be zipped together? 

via Lock-Block

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