Elio Motors 84 mpg 3-wheeler for $6500

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It will then begin "significant hiring", building up to a workforce of 1,500 by late 2015. Renovation of the old plant will begin later this year, should the deal go ahead this spring.

$6,800... and 5-star safety?

A small carmaker with big plans is a story we've heard before, and not one that often results in success.

Some of Elio's figures are intriguing, however.

First is the price, which Elio reports as only $6,800. For that, you get three airbags, power windows and air conditioning, two seats, and a central driving position.

The company also offers a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Even more surprisingly for such a small vehicle--and one registered as a motorcycle--Elio says that preliminary computer tests suggest a 5-star safety rating is possible.

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