From Rusty Van To Cozy Home - The Van Converstion Is Finally Complete!

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Installing The Sound System:  I Must Have Sound!

Wherever I live I need to be able to reproduce sound to an OK standard. For the last 8 years I’ve used my Alesis speakers. I’ve discovered and shared nearly all of my mammoth music collection on these speakers. All those last minute bedroom parties that would never have happened without these speakers. All that fun we had making weird music in my pit of a bedroom on hot summer days. These speakers provided the sound track to my university life, blasting Sonic Youth and The Smiths down the corridors of my first year accommodation at whatever hour. Another year goes by and I’d be pushing my possessions up the Sheffield hills in a Tesco trolley to move to my next house, and these are the only items that deserved the luxury of extra cardboard.  Sound System continued


12V LED Lighting


I fitted two LED down-lights but then decided I needed something brighter for working, reading, whatever so I used a £8 Ikea lamp (in picture above) and attached it to the chest of draws – its really useful. The two LED down-lights take just 0.8W each and give a warm but fairly directional light – straight to the floor whilst the lamp uses a 4W cluster LED with MR16 fitting


Cool!  It looks like a boat!    More on the lighting setup


Expandable Bed


I got the idea of this expandable bed from the deep red motorhome website but this is my version that I made up as I went along.

More details on the bed setup

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