Motorcycles Used as Emergency Transportation

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Using Public transport services in Uganda, means having to take a ride on the infamous motorcycle taxis commonly known as boda-boda. Which more often than not, don't respect any traffic rules in the country's capital, Kampala.

But in some rural communities, the motorbikes are better known for providing a life-saving emergency health service in the form of ambulances. Patience Atuhaire took a trip to see them in action in Mukono District, east of Kampala.

Drive through Uganda and you'll see them everywhere, carrying a bewildering number of passengers and cargoes of all shapes and sizes.

They ferry kids to school, take people to the market, act as impromptu ambulances, or even fill in as a standby hearse for a funeral.

"Several times I have carried a dead person in a coffin across the back," says boda driver Richard, who stops to chat to Newsbeat under the tree outside Iyolwa Heath Clinic.


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