Have You Heard Of An OM-ni-bus? This Former Greyhound Will Wow You!

Categories: Mobility

Gold stripes adorn the sides, giving one the feeling of being at a Temple.


The solar panels power his computer and full-sized refrigerator; he also has a full-sized gas stove and furnace, and a steam bath. The toilet is a dry composting toilet. The bathroom floors are ceramic tile and the interior is done in knotty pine.


The bus runs on diesel and he says he gets six miles to the gallon; that's while pulling the workshop/car trailer.


Schneider practices Kriya yoga several hours per day and "I came to the area to meet with a true master of yoga:  David Higgenbottom."  He has been studying this for more than 22 years.

He bought the Greyhound twelve years ago.


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