Riversimple launches a 250 mpg hydrogen-powered car

Categories: Mobility

“To pursue, systematically, the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport”

UK transportation company Riversimple just revealed their 250 mpg hydrogen-powered car for the masses, called Rasa. Designed by Chris Reitz, who worked on the Fiat 500, the car will be powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and will emit nothing but a small amount of water. In addition to making a vehicle they claim will be the most energy efficient car in the world, with an anxiety-ending 300-mile range, the company is reimagining the automobile industry in another radical way: they won’t be selling their cars. Rather, Riversimple will sell a monthly plan which includes maintenance, insurance, and hydrogen as well as use of the car.

The car holds enough hydrogen for about one week of local travel and refueling takes only three minutes. Riversimple is working with partners to ensure hydrogen refueling stations are in place in the areas where the car will be driven most to further alleviate any range anxiety.

The car seats two passengers and, thanks to electric motors in each wheel, has four-wheel drive. The car’s design also recaptures much of the kinetic energy that is lost when a typical car brakes. In Riversimple’s design, the kinetic energy is collected as electricity, which is sent to super-capacitors at the front of the car. That energy is then used in acceleration. The process reclaims over 50% of the braking energy. The downside to all this efficiency is that the car tops out at 60mph.

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