Sometimes Extremely Remote Means You Need Capable Transportation To Get There

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Often times we think about how wonderful it would be to live off-grid.  But unless you have spent a serious amount of time in a place, you never know what might come when the rains hit, or when the snow melts off in the mountains above.  I had the experience of moving to Issaquah Washington in the Winter.

Shortly after, the snow in the mountains above began to melt.  I discovered our apartment complex was built on piers for a reason.  The river came right through the parking lot below.  We had to wade through 4 feet of river if we wanted to get in our place that time of year.  This was in a decent sized town.  Imagine you build a nice little cabin by the mountainside, and the snow hits. Are you prepared to get in or out regardless how deep it gets?  For most that means a snowmobile or a 4x4 with four sets of chains, or even a track vehicle.  Many cool devices have been invented to deal with rugged terrain.  Here is a very unique design that was made for Russia to recover cosmonauts that fell from the sky and landed somewhere in remote Siberia and needed to be recovered. It was a failed design that was later scrapped.  But it is necessity that brings creativity that changes the world.  Now check out their creative toy:  

Here's the longer version:


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