Tesla Motors Races To Keep Up With Demand In An Off-Grid Frenzied Future

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Much as the computer craze of the early '90's with every few days a news story about ever increasing processor speed, Tesla Motors is in the middle of a media and ideological frenzy that is not to be averted!  The past few years, while mainstream media remained locked into promotional deals with it's current advertiser base of "old vision" and "old ways" commercials, an undercurrent of Facebook pages took to the races educating the masses about strawbale houses, tiny houses, reducing waste, and getting "Off The Grid."  At first scoffed at as a hippie dream, mainstream America began to think about what it means to reduce and get rid of all the things that hold them down.  In the wake of a real-estate nightmare that left millions of American's without credit, with judgements pending, they were forced into the underworld of cash deals and money orders.  

It is from the ashes that people pick themselves up and swear never to let that happen again.  As that thought process permeates their every decision, they lease plats of land or help a friend grow an organic garden and raise chickens.  They build tiny houses with solar and wind power, never to re-connect to the system that pulled them down.  Then they eye the kind of car that will charge up from the same solar panels that powers their little home, living a life filled with tax rebates, and paying none.   In a time when the government continues to spend more than it ever has, people find freedom in making less and spending less, yet living fuller lives.  

This is why Tesla has 20,000 cars ordered that it cannot fill, because even those who live well and make enough money share the same dreams.  They are ramping up production to fill the need, and as the costs of per unit production come down, battery capacities increase, and solar production gets better and better, the solar cars of the future are nearly here.  

Tesla founder Elon Musk is building the largest lithium ion production facility in the world, "the Gigafactory," in order to reduce costs of the vehicles all the while producing the batteries on American soil.  Demand is so great that reducing costs will take time, but this is a big step in the right direction.  This also has opened the door for their In-Home battery which is likely to double the necessity for production in the near future. This year, they are really Ramping Up Production to meet the demand.

While the public are demanding to recycle, reuse, reclaim, decrease global warming, grow more forests, replenish the oceans, and keep our world beautiful, businesses are reeling to innovate good ideas to be better molded to the demands of the people, and we are all headed in the right direction.  It will take some ideas, and growing them to factory status before we realize how good an idea it really was.  But if we're all thinking in the same direction, great things will rise to the surface.  Bad ideas must lose customers in order to fail.  So consumers, go do your job and help businesses to succeed in the right things, and to fail in the poor ideas.

~David Webster 2/22/15

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