The Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit

Categories: Mobility

So you want to keep riding even though there's snow on the ground, but you don’t have the cash to buy a true fat bike. That’s where the Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit comes in handy.

The kit turns your mountain bike into a human-powered snowmobile. Replace your front wheel with a ski and the rear one with the snow track—voilà, you now have a snowbike that’s ready for those deep powder days.

The kit is compatible with most standard mountain bikes, according to the company. 

KtraK is a traction system that you can adapt to most of the mountain bikes in the market.

Offers traction over snow and you will assembly it in seconds with no tools. 

Will add weight to my bicycle?

- KtraK will add around 2- 3 kilos to the normal weight once original wheels removed.

Is difficult to drive?

-Simple as to go on a bicycle 

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