You Won't Believe What They Did With These VW Vans!

Categories: Mobility

Dub boxes are lightweight enough to be towed by many vehicles, compact enough to be stored in a garage, the exterior and interior decor is entirely customizable and the layout can be altered to suit the needs of its intended use. 

Designed to be lightweight enough that just about any vehicle can transport it, these fiberglass campers are also compact enough to fit in the garage. And in 2016, the company is unleashing a new model that’s even more compact. In the meantime, here’s what comes with every model: a custom paint job, a hob sink and stove and refrigeration, a hot and cold outdoor shower, a 20 gallon freshwater tank and a 25 gallon greywater tank, storage, a dining room table and an L-shaped couch that folds out as a bed.

Add-ons include solar flex panels, a table upgrade, and a roof rack that will really ramp up your VW nostalgia. You can also get an extra storage box for the tongue. The company offers a range of models, and each is fully customizable. You’ll notice in the two models we’ve shown here, one is clearly designed for camping, while the other is designed for serious wine drinkers. And if you need shade, simply add a retractable awning for good measure. Oh, and by the way, apparently these babies probably float. You know – just in case.

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