Can you tell what kind of trailer this is just by the interior?

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In the 1950s, Boles, always active as a promoter of the industry as well as his own products, was instrumental in founding the consumer rally and show that by the mid 1960s became the giant Dodger Stadium trailer show and was for many years the largest RV related event in the World.

Among his contributions to RV design over the years are the flush vent covers for water heaters and furnaces and recessed fillers for water tanks and even door handles so that the exterior lines would be smooth without protruding vents and fillers. These he introduced in the early 1960s and his designs, while upgraded, are still in common use today. Boles also worked with a German manufacturer of small diesel chassis to produce a small front wheel drive diesel “type C”motorhome in the late 1960s when the truck chassis mounted units were just beginning to become popular.

During the Vietnam War, Boles Aero designed and built mobile photo labs that were shipped by giant cargo aircraft to the Far East for use by the US Air Force in developing aerial surveillance camera film, and also mobile medical and dental clinics for civilian use in developing areas.

Don Boles was an active member and multiple term board member of theLosAngeles based Trailer Coach Association, (TCA). He was instrumental in the creation of a separate division ofTCA for travel trailer manufacturers. For most of his career he was active in theTCA and of the Chicago basedMobilehome Manufacturers Association as well as a charter member of the American Institute of Travel Trailers, the first association specifically for RV manufacturers and a predecessor to today’sRVIA. He served on the board of directors of theTCA for over 30 years. Boles proved through the years that a well designed, high quality travel trailer could be sold successfully even through the times when many manufacturers were trying to cut costs and prices to the bone in order to “be more competitive”.

From his earliest involvement, Don Boles was a strong proponent of strict industry standards for safety and quality and was instrumental in the lengthy and very political undertaking of getting one set of national standards approved and enforced by the various associations.

For his many contributions to the RV industry over his lengthy career, Don Boles was elected to the RV/MH Hall of Fame as a member of the class of 2005.

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Here is a video of a similar one going through a remodel. This is what the caption of the video says: "WOW! what a great place to start a restoration. I saw this rv beside the road for sale. This travel trailer needs some loving but the base is there for a real gem of history. Now all you need is a 1953 station wagon to pull your camper trailer with."

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