Deadly Algae Blooms In Lake Michigan, Eerie, Okeechobee Enhanced By Glyphosate

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Lake Michigan is the largest lake that is fully contained in the continental United States.  Lake OkeeChobee in Florida Is the second largest.  Both lakes have been contaminated this year with Blue-green algae growth, both with the same type of algae growth.

Photo credit:  Nasa

Now that scientists have discovered that Roundup contributes to the algae blooms in Lake Eerie area (see reference article page 2), it is only logical to deduce that the current circumstance in Lake Okeechobee Florida, with the same type of Algae Growth are also caused or increased by Roundup's Glyphosate.  Agricultural activities around the Lake Okeechobee area include cattle ranching, dairy farming, and crop production of sugarcane, winter vegetables, citrus, sod, sweet corn and rice.

The Weather Channel recently reported with Nasa Photographs that much of Okeechobee is covered with Algae Blooms. Politicians rally to stop the problems that have been allowed to occur in and around the lake, but themselves don't really know what the causes are.  When the mantle of water management is handed down from one generation to the next, one governor to the next, one operator to the next, it is critical to understand why things were set up the way they are, and what kinds of problems have been addressed in the past, so we don't have the same problems in the future.  

Contaminated lake waters are released into the rivers, and have killed millions of fish, and lead to the death of manatees and sea life as it pours into the sensitive ecosystem of brackish inlets and waterways of inter-coastal Florida.  

photo by Joe Nowicki

We then hear about people who die from flesh eating bacteria contamination in the water on both the east and western parts of the state, and then we're also dealing with this algae bloom, we wonder if they might be connected.  All we water-loving people know is that the water we love has gotten dangerous in places.

Photo credit:  Nasa:  Okeechobie Algae Bloom 

photo by Joe Nowicki:  Fish die off after algae water released from Okeechobee:  Florida East Coast.  

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