Multnomah Falls Is One Of America's Greatest Treasures (2 pages)

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She is beauty in motion. A certain treat for the eyes and the soul. I dare say I hear my heart beat in ways it does not else where..when I am in proximity of her majesty. I am from Portland, and have seen her many times, truely a piece of heaven on earth.

Raeanne-i was just there. After the Beachfoot event, we drove North and went along the Columbia River to see the different falls. I believe we stopped at like 6 of them, including this amazing one.

Me and Lorna Alyssa and April just got back from there last Sunday. We stopped and had lunch there there's lots of water there

We saw this on our 25th wedding anniversary trip they call it bridal veil Falls because there was a wedding party on the bridge and a boulder fall from the top and watch the wedding party off of the bridge several deaths was one of the most beautiful face I've ever seen this is a picture of the of what I took when I was there.

Missy and I have been there. It's really crazy it is right off a main interstate. Not at all what you would think.

Was there last summer! The hike to the top was a killer especially when you've just gotten off a 3hr+ flight. It was worth it though!

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