The world of Fungi: How Some Of These Resemble Corpse Fingers, UFOs, Tongues

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If Earth itself ever stuck its tongue out at us, it might look like dark purple earthtongueor olive earthtongue mushrooms.

These fungi inhabit different types of grasslands in North America and Europe and appear around October—just in time for Halloween.

(Read about a mushroom that looks like strawberries and cream.)

Bird's Nest Fungi

Bird's nest fungi, found worldwide, are essential to any look-alike list, James says by email.

This video from Cornell University's Plant Pathology Lab shows the organism growing into what looks like a bird's nest.

The "eggs" inside bird's nest fungi are actually called peridoles—little cases full of spores.

The "eggs" inside it are peridoles, or little cases full of spores. According to the University of Minnesota website, these fungi are so small that a drop of water can send theperidoles flying out of the nest.

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