When Rain Falls On The World's Driest Desert, It Is Overtaken By Breathtaking Beauty: 14 Images

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During the Spring in Chile the Atacama desert becomes an explosion of color and this year's bloom is particularly vibrant due to heavy storms in that happen in the month of March. The pink scene is expected to last until November attracting more than 20,000 tourists.

The images are just breathtaking and we hope you enjoy them.

This is a transcript from part of a piece found at DailyMail, for a link to the full article go to the bottom of the page.

"You may imagine the world's driest desert to be barren and lifeless - but during the rainy season a magical transformation brings the area to life.

Every five to seven years the Atacama desert in Chile becomes adorned by a stunning pink carpet, which makes the usually arid landscape burst with colour. 

This year's display is said to the most extraordinary blossoming of the past 18 years, and is expected to draw 20,000 tourists to the area."

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