The Sun Nearly Took The World Off The Grid In 2012 - Are We Prepared?

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When I dug into this story today, a lot of things went through my mind.  We often read stories about what governments are doing without having all the information, and those turn into conspiracies.  We live in an information age, where it's hard to hide anything.  That's why I'm surprised this story is just now coming to the surface, yet for many reasons, also not surprised.  Was it surpressed because the sun might be implicated in causing global warming? Ha!  Well you get my point.  By the time it happened, I supposed we wouldnt have had any time to respond, but knowing that it happened can help us to be better prepared for such an event.


How much would it affect your life if you got up in the morning, your phones didn't work, the cars wouldn't start, the refrigerator didn't work, no heat or air conditioning?  The power is out at every grocery store, and noone is going there to work.  We should all have a backup plan if bad things should happen. Some have a hunting cabin in the woods, others already live in a cabin in the woods.  Even solar panels would not function in this particular situation, so what is a legitimate plan for such a catastrophe?

For starters, I'm thinking we should start manufacturing electronics that are EMP resistant.  Just like we buy non-gmo grass fed milk and eggs for a premium price to be sure we're getting healthy food, we could pay a little extra for Solar panels and wind turbine motors that are EMP resistant.  I'm just putting this out there to get somebody on that bandwagon.  

Yes there is the possibility that some nation sets off an EMP and wipes out another nation's electrical system, but if we all get ready for the Sun to do that someday, maybe it will lessen our vulnerability now.  They are saying that there is a 10-11% chance that we will have such a coronal mass ejection in the next 10 years.  That is a pretty high likelihood that our world could see such a time of calamity.   Let's begin to prepare our electronics today.  Let us have food in our yards, growing vegetables and fruits.  Get a couple chickens and have fresh eggs daily if you can.

Living off the grid is a nice idea, but not a necessity......yet.  For now, building codes in many places do not accept the tremendous concepts we have shared on this page about building with extreme efficiency so that heat and air bills are a thing of the past.  Building out in the sticks in order to build a strawbale home, or an earth home, or an Earthship is not appealing because you must build away from the city, away from people and schools, away from infrastructure.  We must be proactive about better homes, better ideas, and implementing them on an individual personal basis.  In the short term, it's nice to have a place to go that is off the grid, but in the meantime, let us move our world onto the right track.  I see every home as self powered in twenty years.  

Let us begin to move our world... country by country, state by state, city by city, and even country folk.... to be "Living Off The Grid"

  David Webster 7/26/14


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