Arsenic And Mercury Found In River After Brazil Dam Burst

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Brazil is experiencing the worst environmental disaster in its history — and nobody’s talking about it.

Unacceptable levels of pollutants found at several places along Rio Doce following Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster

Illegal levels of arsenic and mercury polluted the Rio Doce river in the days after adam burst at an iron ore mine in early November in Brazil’s worst ever environmental disaster, according to tests by a state water agency.

The Institute for Water Management in Minas Gerais (IGAM) found arsenic levels more than 10 times above the legal limit in one place along the Rio Doce after the dam burst on 5 November, leading to at least 13 deaths and flooding thick mud across two states. Mercury slightly above the permitted level was also found in one area.

In total, IGAM found unacceptable levels of arsenic at seven places on the Rio Doce, which stretches more than 500 miles from the mineral-rich state of Minas Gerais to Espirito Santo on the Atlantic coast.

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