California Drought Leaves One Town Completely Out Of Water

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Inside edition reports that Porterville CA is out of water, yet light spring rains - just a drop in the bucket -have fallen.  My question is... where are the buckets?

It seems that even with extreme drought, the message isn't heard. I am not a fan of big government, as in... mandating rain water collection. You always want to leave decisions in the hands of the citizens.  But a rebate that will pay for setup is in order, some good education, and encouragement.

They've discovered through necessity that you can use grey water, and how important that can be. What really frustrates me about watching the above video is that fact that we see the rain falling, yet the newscast didn't mention the benefits of rainwater collection.

It is such a necessity, and knowledge is power. For every one inch of rain that falls on a 1000 sq ft. roof, 600 gallons of rainwater can be collected. So if that rain we saw falling was 1/4 of an inch, and the average roof is about 2500 sq ft or more, they could have collected 375 gallons of water. For 1/2" of rain, 750 gallons of water. That could really refill their usage.  

Instead they are delivering 2500 gallons of water at a time to the homeowners who in the meantime were taking showers at a local church.... and when the rain fell... it fell to the parched ground. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they have short term solutions to these problems.  But let's be sure to take care of the long term.  Here's some good information for those who need it:

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