Family Banned From Their Land For Living Off-Grid (UPDATE)

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A military veteran who sued the City of Huntsville in order to live off-the-grid has lost an appeal. Tyler Truitt was convicted for violating a zoning ordinance. 

According to court documents, Truitt purchased a plot of land in Huntsville in 2014. He then put a trailer on the land. In January of 2015, his neighbor filed a complaint, saying Truitt violated zoning rules. 


The Huntsville Zoning Division looked at the property and determined it was not zoned for trailers. Truitt was told to remove the trailer but refused. In March of 2015, an eviction notice was issued. 

According to Kelly Schrimsher, Director of Communications in the Mayor’s office, trailers are not allowed in the city limits, unless they are part of a trailer park. 

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