Encounters At The Crossroads Between The Corporate Pipeline And The People Of The Land

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There are few who live a more remote, off-grid lifestyle than some of the First-Nations people of the Pacific Northwest. They rely on their native lands for food, medicine, and fiber. This is the same for the Unist'ot'en tribe of British Columbia. Now, their sovereign land is being encroached upon by private corporations, with the intent of running an oil pipeline through tribal land—the same land that has provided sustenance for countless generations of these proud, native people. With new Canadian laws being passed—presumably to handle situations like these—the strategy and tactics have evolved to a new level, for both sides.


Natives Supporting Natives

"Corporations fund the government that allows them to build on Tribal Land. It's up to us to stand together and save our Culture, our Heritage, and the last remaining land that supports this way of Native life. Watch and share this video so it reaches as many people as possible. It starts with their Reservation. Then mine. And then yours. Let's not allow this to happen..."

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