Supreme Court Denies Case As City Bullies Residents Into Tearing It Down

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Tran says she never expected such a drawn-out fight and that in hindsight the couple could have taken the money they’ve spent on the treehouse, gone somewhere else and built an actual house.

It’s still costing the couple. They’re accumulating a $50 a day fine for not taking down the treehouse, a fine that’s now tens of thousands of dollars.

Tran says she’s afraid to think about it. Until the high court acts, she’s enjoying the treehouse on sunny days, meditating there or napping in a hammock. The couple doesn’t have any children of their own enjoying the treehouse and renters aren’t allowed up for liability reasons, but Tran says guests and beachgoers often admire the structure.

“It’s kind of fun to have around,” she said.

If the treehouse ultimately has to go, there’s a lurking irony for the couple. To take down the structure, they’ll need the one thing they didn’t have before they began putting it up: a city permit.

Here's another treehouse owner in jeopardy of losing her home.....   

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