150 Homesteading Skills To Learn

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Homesteading requires skills.  Some of those skills will come by practice and learning, some by upbringing and where or how we were raised.  Others taught by necessity... so if your cow gets pregnant and the baby is on the way, just like having a human baby, the biological timeline kicks in and we must quickly rise to the occasion and prepare for what is to come.  Do you have a tool to clean the hooves of your horses?  How did you know you needed a tool for that in the first place?  We don't go to school like doctors and lawyers for homesteading, but there is just as much of an education to be learned.  

Below is a piece by MomWithAPrep who has done a fabulous job in assembling a pretty extensive list of skills required or that may be needed while on the homestead, but before we get to that, jump into the comments below and name a few that you use, or if you're not currently homesteading, list what you think would be important to know.

Jane Baldwin, or "Mom With A Prep" Says:

"When my husband and I decided that we didn't want to continue working around the 9-5 schedule and wanted to be more self sufficient, we realized that we didn't know how to do anything. Yes I knew how to cook and other things and my husband knew hot to use tools, but because our job had been a desk job, we didn't even know how to grow our own food. It has been 8 years since we decided to change our life, and every day is an opportunity to learn more, and more.

Learning skills never ends, there is always something that "might help if you just know how to do it".  In our modern age, few people could mark off 15 of these skills as something they are knowledgeable AND skillful at doing. I can mark off quite a few that I know, understand and pratice; I can check mark quite a few more where I have knowledge of how to do it, but not necessarily the skill to actually do (which means a check needs to be further studied and learned); and then there are the wholly blank where I have little or absolutely no clue about at all.  The good news? Looking at the checks and blanks gives me a place to start!

I’m not panicked though (and neither should you), because I know I cannot accomplish it all. Building families and communities with shared skills is a great way  to accomplish it. However, this is a great list for you to get started and begin focusing on those skills and knowledge bases for you to begin to learn to become better prepared, able to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient, and make a better life for your family.

So, how many of these skills do you already know?

Click Here To Go To Her Site and See Her List of 150 Skills

Now watch Becky as she introduces us to how she got started with homesteading:

How to Start A Homestead: Starting A Homestead From Scratch

Learn More at:  https://morningchores.com/homesteading/

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