21 Most Creative (and Bizarre) Backyard Chicken Coops

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Need some inspiration for your chicken coop designs and ideas? You’ll love these. Please let us know what you think of them. I personally think that some of them are beautifully built, and others are very practical, but that is what I love about this article, it gives you ideas for any kind of budget and level of skill.

Much like a miniature version of your own home, your birds will need a chicken coop tailored specifically to the needs of your flock and your space. You’ll need to determine how many chickens you can comfortably house, whether you will need a large or small chicken coop, and what style best suits your space and your personal preferences. We’ve compiled some of the most creative chicken coop designs and have also included some fantastic chicken coop ideas for the inside of your chickens home. If you need a little help deciding some of the basics about which type of coop fits your needs best.

1. Chicken Coop Cottage

via Mom Caster

For a little country whimsy, give your chickens a cozy cottage home complete with winding vines and stone pathway to the doorstep.

2. Beer Can Shingles

via Tree Hugger

Protect your chicken coop from the effects of weather, recycle cans in different way and drink up for the benefit of your flock. Cheers to chickens!

3. Bright and Cheery Chicken Shed

via Tattood Housewife

Add a splash of color in your backyard with a shed-style chicken coop. Use a white trim and some plants to create a classic look that will make the structure pop!

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