21 Most Creative (and Bizarre) Backyard Chicken Coops

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4. From Clunker to Clucker

via Alternet

Have a beat up vehicle taking up space in your backyard or know someone trying to get rid of one?

5. Cob-Made Chicken Coop

via The City Chicken

Cob is a traditional English housing material made from clay, straw, and sand – it’s as strong as concrete and made from completely sustainable materials. Add in some colorful tiles and custom-sized windows to give your chicken coop a unique look.

6. Chicken Coop on the Shire

via My Pet Chicken

Your brood will live like Bilbo Baggins in this fun and functional chicken coop modeled after Hobbit homes.

7. Fully-“Furnished” Chicken Coop

via The City Chicken

If you have a piece of furniture you no longer have a use for or just find a great deal on a chest of drawers or armoire at a garage sale, upcycle it into a home for your chickens!

8. Living Roof Coop

via The Poultry Guide

This is the perfect solution for those with limited yard space who want it all! Urban farmers rejoice – you can have your small chicken coop and a miniature garden all in one place.

9. Fully-Functional Chicken Coop

via Blue Sky Fest

This chicken coop plan is designed for easy access to your hens and their eggs no matter where they are in the coop.

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