21 Practical Ways To Use Gabions On The Homestead

Categories: On The Farm

Gabions are a great, simple, quick way to add a sturdy stone structure without using mortar. Made of sturdy wire and stacked stones, they are an extremely practical way to create structures on your homestead.

Gabions give a personal touch while providing a very practical function.

For example, check out this cool fire pit that everyone will admire.

And imagine the compliments you will get when you add this to your backyard entertaining possibilities.

It really is impressive what can be designed for very little cost and a touch of imagination.  There are so many great ideas here that you are likely to find at least one project that appeals to you.

Assorted rocks and stones plus some industrial wiring and what can you create?  Let’s see a few more examples…

How about a decorative garden wall?

Or a wood burning stove. Are you kidding? This is really cool!

The possibilities seem endless here.

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