Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market to Bring Healthy Produce to Neighborhoods in Toronto

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A partnership between FoodShare Toronto ,the City of Toronto, and United Way Toronto has permitted the commissioning of a new mobile food market. This is essentially a wheel –Trans bus that has been converted into an accessible traveling shop. It is an ingenious idea which allows them to bring fresh produce to neighborhoods where such produce are not readily available. This Mobile Good Food Market allows residents to buy fresh vegetables and fruits without having to travel so far to obtain such nutrition or pay so much. LGA designed the bus such that a series of aluminum shelves would fold outwards from the bus to display the fresh produce, when parked this allows the display of delicious foods like, broccoli, lettuce, apples, onions and other vegetables. Insides the bus is the check –out counter, more shelves containing produce with enough room to permit wheelchair access. The design allows the market on wheels to operate even in harsh weather.

A 20 percent markup in prices is factored into the food prices which is  just enough to take care of running the bus. The bus comes to town twice a week for now but Foodshare anticipates an expansion of the service when more funding is available.

Photos by Laura Berman – LGA Architectural Partners website via [Inhabitat], [Architecture Lab], [The Globe and Mail]



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