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By special request here is a video of my daily life recently on the off grid homestead. I am preparing for winter and just about everything else is now secondary. I need a huge wood pile stacked and cured or I will freeze this winter.

The mornings are cold, down in the low 40s now. The nights are in the mid to high 30s most of the time.

This means that working on the tiny house in the mornings is not happening with numb hands. I have no heat where I am working until the wood stove is properly shielded.

I am not going to work with power tools with numb fingers.

So I cut wood. Yes a power tool but one designed to be used with heavily gloved hands. I have been cutting fire wood daily for over a week now.

I prefer to cut firewood in the fall when it is cooler. You dont sweat so bad and it is a workout for sure.

I spent this day working on the downed widow maker that gave me so much trouble this spring. It had finally settled down and was relatively safe to cut.

It sure was a job though. It took me two days to cut up. Well, two half days. I work on the tiny house in the afternoons.

Today I finished the huge tree. It tore up my chain saw chain and I had to constantly tighten it back up as it was stretching. Twice I got the chain saw stuck in the tree. There is so much pressure on the fallen tree.

Near the end I was using a wedge underneath the trunk of the tree to take pressure off the saw as I was cutting. As I cut further down the trunk I would put another wedge underneath. This kept the end of the tree up in the air so I could keep on cutting without danger of damaging my chain on the rocky soil.

I finally got the tree cut up into logs.

Then I tried to split the logs with an ax. No chance. The ax bounces off the tree like rubber. It is too wet and stringy.

I will have to let it cure for a week or so before I can split it.

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