Extreme Sheep Herding LED Art (Video)

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"Now the shepherds who have been interviewed as a result of this have their own Hollywood kind of cult following down in Wales, which is very pleasing to them. They find that very amusing.”

Filming the flock had its logistical challenges - many of which could have ended in failure.

“Sheep don’t like being separated from the pack, I know that much,” he said.

“Getting one sheep to stand alone is a nightmare. They stick together like mercury. Getting one sheep to stand on its own while there’s another pack of sheep near it is virtually impossible.”

But surprisingly, when it came to the most challenging part of the shoot - the night-time sequences - Rouse said that both the sheep and herding dogs proved very willing despite having never performed in the dark before.

“The shepherds genuinely had no idea whether that would work or not. They couldn’t tell us how freaked out the animals would be wearing these jackets.

“Strangely, they didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. It was as if they had always had lights on their backs since they were born.

“The dogs wore lights as well, and they were also completely unfazed by it. It was as if they had always herded at night.

"Withsheeps with lights on them. It was very, very strange. It could have gone either way. But none of the animals were in the slightest bit disturbed. It was just another day’s work.”

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