First Timers: How To Milk a Family Cow {Part One}

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We welcomed our first family milk cow to our farm in 2010. We had never ever milked a cow before… by hand or machine!

Elsie, our first Jersey milk cow, was dropped off one evening and the next morning she calved… aaahhhh! What do we do now?! (Click HERE if you want to watch the birth).

I’ve documented our journey with our milk cow to help you get started milking your own family milk cow, goat or sheep!

Let me give you the secret to success with a family milk cow, goat or sheep… it’s DESIRE. We’re now in our fourth year milking a family cow, AND WE LOVE IT! 

We love our sweet Jersey’s for the ability to have high quality fresh milk, cultured butter, and all kinds of cheese!Having your own personal milk source is like owning a bank full of gold!

Here a video that starts from the beginning… I hope it inspires you.

Our first milking parlor. I think you’d call it a redneck set up. But it worked! Milking on concrete is so much cleaner. And having the car port roof above helped when we had bad weather!

Building our new milking parlor. We got tired of being in theweather… when it’s really cold, raining, snowing or 1,000 degrees inTexas… you want a nice milking barn! 

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