First Timers: How To Milk a Family Cow {Part Two}

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Daily Routine

  1. Rinse everything with cold water, drain water
  2. Fill laundry sink with very hot water and add dish soap (2 teaspoons or so) and bleach (about 2 ounces), brush everything out and drain water
  3. Rinse everything really well with the hot water
  4. Hang equipment to dry

Once a Week Heavy Cleaning

  1. Take apart the milking claw (screws and rubber gaskets) rinse with cold water and drain water
  2. Fill sink with hot water, then pour in dairy wash (about 3-4 ounces). We let it sit in the liquid for a bit and then brush everything down, drain and rinse everything off well
  3. Fill sink with hot water and pour in 3-4 ounces of the three-way acid. Stir it around a bit with your hand and then drain the liquid. Don’t let your equipment hang out in the acid (it’ll eat it).
  4. Rinse everything off with hot water
  5. Hang all your equipment to dry

We bought our dairy wash and 3 way acid cleaner from our local dairy supply source in 25 gallon barrels (be sure to buy the “key” to open these barrels and TWO pumps to extract the liquid – see picture). You can also buy smaller quantities through places like Hamby Dairy Supply and Hoegger Farm Yard online.


All our cows are on pasture 100% of the time. They eat green forage and hay in the winter. However, when it comes to milk time, we do feed about 4 – 5 lbs of grain and some supplements to our jersey milk cow. The feed makes it so our cow is waiting at the gate for milking and when we open the gate she eagerly heads straight to the stanchion… no fuss and no lead ropes. Our cow loves it and so do we. Here’s what we give her…

If you any questions comment below!  If you also milk a family cow, goat or sheep let us know how you do it!


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