Herding with donkeys; watch a donkey protect his owner from an angry cow

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 This first video clip let me know that here in the U.S. we got jipped.  See, back when the west belonged to Mexico, all the donkeys were taught to understand Spanish.  I mean, who ever saw a donkey do what you tell it to in English   ;)   


On a serious note, in the video below, here is a farmer trying to get a calfling to stand up and walk back over close to the barn so he can keep an eye on it.  If the calf doesn't stand, it can't feed and may die.  He knows he needs to get the calf up and feeding, but is a bit worried about doing so in front of its' mother.  Watch as it unfolds....

Anyhow, I am seriously dumbfounded and amazed at the amount of trust the rancher above has developed with his donkey to protect him from the calfs' angry mother while he handles it.  

Do you have experience with donkeys or mules with this kind of training?  I would love to hear your stories!

Now watch another farmer who has donkeys that like to herd sheep:

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