How to Find a Spring or Seep on your Off Grid Property

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Serious business finding water.Seeps, springs, what do they look like? How do you locate one once you start looking for property? Do you hire someone? Do you trust the landowner? How do you know what a seep is? Is that trickle coming out of the ground really a spring? Can it be developed? Serious questions because your off grid property is DEPENDANT on it! This is a serious tutorial about springs and seeps. I will show you WHAT to look for...what they look like.the vegetation changes you should be aware of! Get a pen and paper handy, this is a lesson YOU will all need to learn!!

This is great advice. I wish we had known more about water sources before buying our property. We looked at it in March during a very raining day during a very raining year near a very rainy rainforest so ya it was wet!

We do have the luxury of heavy rainfall but it would be hard to live there full time on the amount we collect. Developing a spring is on my to do list. Ideally it needs to be above our cabin so it can gravity feed down. Pumping it up would be a costly option we’re avoiding now.

Plants are a great indicator of wet spots in your land and are worth further exploration.

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